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How To Smell And Taste Wine

Updated: Mar 8

Wine tastings are amazing opportunities to have fun and learn more about wine, but there are people, especially beginners, who are intimidated by it. Though the ritual may seem overly complicated for those who are new to the experience, I, Natalie Noryd, a sommelier based in Copenhagen that specializes in both corporate and private tasting, prepaid simple steps with a short video tutorial for you to follow so you can build your confidence and learn how to taste wine like a pro!

So without further adieu, let’s start exploring the wine world.

Start by checking out the color, opacity, and viscosity of the wine. You want to hold the glass by the stem so that you can see the wine clearly. A wine that has a deeper color often implies that it's a full-bodied, richly flavored wine.

The next step is to hold the stem and gently swirl the wine. When you swirl the wine, you are exposing it to oxygen, which releases both the aromas and flavors.

Now that you have a good swirl, you can smell the wine. What does it smell like to you? Let your imagination wonder! You can let me know by leaving a comment below.

Here comes the fun part.

Take a sip, not too small but not a mouthful either. Spread it inside your mouth a bit and see what flavors you notice.

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