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How To Swirl Wine

Updated: Sep 2, 2020

Hello wine lovers! Welcome to The Great Wine Experience wine blog. I am Natalie Noryd, a sommelier based in the wonderful city of Copenhagen where I specialize in both private and corporate wine tastings.

Today we are going to talk about why it is important to swirl your wine.

Have you ever wondered why wine enthusiasts are fond of swirling their wine before taking a sip? Other than to look classy or fancy, knowing how to swirl wine is actually quite an integral part of wine tasting.

Whenever you swirl a wine, you are releasing hundreds of different aromas and at the same time, you are exposing the wine to oxygen which helps to develop the flavors.

Now that you have an idea why swirling wine is important, let's put your newfound information to the test! But before you do that, here's a little trick so you can look like a pro and avoid accidentally spilling the wine while in the process of swirling it.

The first time you want to swirl the wine, set the glass on the table or counter and hold it by the stem as you would hold a pencil. Then gently draw small, quick circles on the table. As you feel more comfortable, lift the glass up in front of you, still drawing circles.

Make sure you practice at home and use the video above as a guide so that when you get to a restaurant you will look like the ultimate pro!

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