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The bright pink coloured Crémant d’Alsace Rosé Brut is and aromatic, delicate and delightful sparkling wine from the house François Lipp et Fils, located in Alsace in eastern France. It has a persistent mousse with many fine bubbles and fresh aromas of wild strawberry, breadcrumbs and biscuits with a mouth-watering palate that is dry, light and elegantly rich in flavours such as raspberry, peach, almonds and pie crust, and has a ling and pleasant finish. The fruity notes are balanced with a vivid acidity, making it a rather easy wine to enjoy on most occasions. Serve it with shrimps, cold cuts, sushi, tapas or simply as an aperitif.

The wine is made in much the same way as Champagne in what is known as the Traditional Method. This is where the with is fermented twice, with the second fermentation and maturation takes place in the bottle. This method creates a beautiful mousse and delicate aromas typically of bread, biscuits and nuts.


The Lipp Family has been making wine for generations since 1790 in the historic village Husseren-les-Chateaux in the southern Alsace region Haut-Rhin, surrounded by vineyards on the slopes of the Vosges Mountains. The Haut-Rhin region has for the longest time been associated with the best vineyards of Alsace. We have here vineyards located at the highest altitude in the whole Alsace region, as well as most of the prestigious Alsace Grand Cru vineyards. The Lipp family owns no less than three Grand Cru vineyards. It is essential for Jean-François Lipp, the wine maker and head of the house, to grow the vineyards organically not only with respect of nature and biodiversity, but also to create authentic wines that express this unique terroir. Jean-François takes care of every process in the vineyard as well as in the cellar. The elevation of the vineyards is in many ways an advantage, especially when cultivating organic grapes with no use of chemical products to protect the vines from diseases. While the moist climate in Alsace is a challenge for wine growers located in the lower areas, the intense sun exposure on the high slopy location quickly dries the morning mist, always keeping the grapes healthy and in perfect condition.

François Lipp et Fils, Crémant d’Alsace Rosé Brut

kr 229,00Pris
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  • Type of wine: Sparkling wine
    Style: Light and vibrant
    Winery: François Lipp et Fils
    Country: France
    Region: Alsace
    Grapes: 100 % Pinot Noir
    Size: 75 cl
    Alcohol: 12,5 %
    Serving: 7-9 ° C
    Pairings: Fish, shellfish, tapas, cheese
    Winemaking: Manual harvest. Fermented and matured following the Traditional Method with a second fermentation and maturation in the bottle.
    Green attitude: Certified Organic

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