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Vacqueyras Minéral is a remarkable white wine made of 50% Bourboulenc, 25% Grenache Blanc, 25% Roussanne grapes that are grown at a single, unique parcel with 30-year-old vines, located in the small wine area Vacqueyras. Only the best, ripe grapes are selected and picked, which means the yield is extremely low. As the name suggests, the wine has quite a mineral and salty character that the Saurel family describes as `Salinity´. The wine will develop beautifully over the next 10-15 years where these mineral notes will become even more intense. Vacqueyras Minéral is an exciting wine with its complex bouquet reminicsent of white flowers, yellow apple and grapefruit with a hint of ginger and wet stones. The palate is rich in flavours of stone fruits, honey, anis, a bit of white pepper and salty notes. The medium body feels creamy and round, balanced with a refreshing acidity and the finish is silky and long. Vacqueyras Minéral is the perfect match for a variety of savoury seafood dishes and rich soups. It goes also well with cheese, both soft and hard and even blue cheese, which can be quite a challenge to pair with dry wine. It is best served chilled at around 9-12 °C after half an hour of aerating in a decanter.


Montirius is a renowned and highly respected family owned domain, located in the municipality Beaumettes in the southern Rhône Valley in France, where the family Saurel makes organic and biodynamic wine with utmost respect for nature and biodiversity. Biodynamics is a form of alternative agriculture quite similar to organic farming, and it also includes various esoteric concepts drawn from the ideas of Rudolf Steiner, who believed in treating animals, crops and soil as a single, interactive system. Regarding the vine itself, the goal is above all to strengthen the crucial microbiologic life around the root system, which affects every step of the growth process of a wine and makes the vine grow strong, healthy and produce more expressive fruit.


The house Montirius has been in the ownership of the Saurel family for five generations. The Saurel family cultivates 58 hectares of vineyards stretching into three different Rhône areas; Gigondas, Vacqueyras and Côtes du Rhône. Some of the vines are very old, for instance half of the vines in Gigondas were planted in 1925 by the ancestor Gaston Saurel. Today Eric and Christine Saurel run the business with excellent help of their three children Justine, Manon and Marius. The name Montirius is actually a combination of the three children’s names.


All the wines at Montirius, are fermented with native yeasts and exclusively matured in neutral concrete vats and sometimes stainless-steel tanks, to preserve and express the pure character and quality of the fruit. A concrete vat is a neutral vessel which doesn’t add any particular flavour to the wine, like for instance small oak barrels do. The Saurel family has a low-intervention approach to wine making, where every form for manipulation, additives and sulphites are banned. At the same time the wines are closely monitored with help of the newest technology and as such the family is always in control. Only the very best wine makers are able to produce high quality wines in this minimalistic manner. The family has received countless awards for their passionate work for biodiversity, but also for their actions on social responsibility as a company.


The ambition of Montirius, is to create authentic wines with a true sense of place. All the wines are produced with strict biodynamic methods and Montirius were the first producer to get certified biodynamic in Vacqueyras and Gigondas back in 1999.


Montirius, Vacqueyras Minéral 2018

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  • Type of wine: White wine
    Style: Deep and mineral
    Winery: Montirius
    Country: France
    Region: Vacqueyras, Rhône Valley
    Grapes: 50% Bourboulenc, 25% Grenache Blanc, 25% Roussanne
    Serving: 9-12° C
    Pairings: Savoury seafood dishes, a variety of cheeses, rich soups
    Size: 75 cl
    Alcohol: 13 %
    Winemaking: Harvested by hand and fermented with native yeast in stainless steel tanks.
    Green attitude: Certified Organic, Biodynamic, Vegan

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