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The Champagne Cuvée Prestige from Champagne Christophe Lefévre is a dry, fresh and elegant bottle of joy made from 60 % Meunier, 30 % Pinot Noir and 10 % Chardonnay grapes. It has a pale golden colour, a soft mousse with many delicate bubbles and a lovely bouquet of green apple, lemon and almond. The palate has a creamy texture with flavours of grapefruit, pear, nuts and pie crust, all beautifully balanced with a fresh acidity and a long finish. This mouth-watering, elegant Champagne is delicious on its own and also goes very well with oysters and other kinds of fresh seafood as well as with cheese. We have here a blend of two vintages where 80 % is from the vintage 2017, blended with 20 % of reserve wine. The Champagne is called Extra Brut since the low residual sugar lever is of only 2,3 gram/litre, resulting in a dry and fresh Champagne that can be kept for another 10 years.

The Lefèvre family has cultivated its vineyards for generations in the village Mont Bonneil, located in the wine region Vallé de la Marne in the eastern area of Champagne in France. The Champagnes are made in absolute harmony with nature, with help of the newest technology, to create pure and authentic wines.

Christophe Lefèvre is the talented Winegrower and Winemaker of the family owned house Champagne Christophe Lefèvre. When describing Christophe Lefèvre’s approach to viticulture and wine making, the keywords are knowhow, a great sense of detail and respect for nature. He believes that above all else, only high-quality fruit can transform into high-quality Champagne. The vineyards are only 4 hectares located on the south-facing, steep slopes on the right bank of the river Marne. The slopes have an exciting terroir divided into three different kind of soils. At the bottom of the hill we have sand and silt, in the middle sand and limestone, and at the top clay and limestone. The diversity of these soils affects the grapes in different ways, resulting in fascinating wines and blends, and the Champagnes are certified organic, which is quite rare in Champagne. The juice from the grapes ferments with natural yeasts and matures in stainless steel tanks to preserve the fresh fruity flavours. Sulfites avoided completely and the wine is neither cold stabilized nor filtered. In line with the tradition in Champagne, the second fermentation of the wine takes place in the bottle. After fermentation the sparkling wine rests in the same bottle in contact with the fine lees for 65 months, which is five times longer than an average Champagne. Lees are deposits of yeast or residual yeast in the bottle.
The long period on the lees creates a beautiful mousse and the typical aromas of bread, toast, biscuits, yeast and nuts that Champagne is so famous for.

Champagne Christophe Lefèvre Cuvée Prestige Extra Brut 2017

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  • Type of wine: Sparkling wine
    Style: Light and vibrant
    Winery: Champagne Christophe Lefévre
    Country: France
    Region: Vallé de la Marne, Champagne
    Grapes: 60 % Meunier 30 % Pinot Noir 10 % Chardonnay
    Size: 75 cl
    Alcohol: 12 %
    Serving: 7-9 ° C
    Pairings: Oysters and other kinds of fresh seafood and cheese
    Winemaking: Harvest by hand. The base wine is fermented with natural yeast in steel tanks. Second fermentation takes place in the bottle where the wine rests for 65 months in contact with the lees. Lees are deposits of yeast or residual yeast in the bottle. The residual sugar level is 2,3 grams sugar/litre
    Green attitude: Certified Organic

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