Wine Taste Box Subscriptions

Subscribe to a Tasting Box plan and get an exciting taste experience every month - while saving at least 25% on all wines! You also enjoy free shipping throughout Denmark.


The Great Wine Experience is delighted to offer convenient monthly wine club subscriptions of our top-quality range of hand-picked artisanal wines. Every month you’ll receive a tasting box with 6 different wines carefully curated by our sommelier Natalie Noryd. In your tasting box, you will always find a wide range of wine styles guaranteeing something for every taste.


Benefits of joining:


  • A three-tier choice of clubs for all budgets and tastes: Classic, Premium, and Deluxe.

  • Impressive savings (at least 25%) on each wine shipment.

  • Finest organic, biodynamic, vegan, and sustainably produced wines.

  • Old and New World wines from iconic and up-and-coming wine regions.

  • Hand-picked small, artisanal, family producers.

  • Wines carefully curated by our par excellence in-house sommelier, Natalie Noryd

  • A choice of all reds, all whites, or a mix.

  • Seasonal inclusions such as sparkling, rosé, or port wines.

  • Option to tailor your subscription to your tastes (we always do our best!).

  • Choice to cancel your subscription or skip a delivery any time with no penalty.

  • The chance to try a range of old favourites and exciting new styles.

  • Free shipping across Denmark.

Excellent Savings


Join the club and enjoy a great discount of about 25% on your shipment of six wines whatever subscription you have.

A Choice of Clubs


We offer three different tasting cases: Classic, Premium and Deluxe.


Premium Tasting Box: contains a wide selection of quality wines that are priced between 100-250 DKK per bottle in-store. You receive six for only 695 DKK per month including free shipping


Deluxe Tasting Box: contains an exclusive range of top-rated wines with price tags of between 150-450 DKK per bottle in-store. You receive six for only 995 DKK per month as well as free shipping


Finest, Purest Wines


We source all our wines from small to medium-sized traditional family wineries in legendary and up-and-coming Old and New World wine regions. Each producer is dedicated to crafting wines free from unnecessary pesticides, chemicals and additives with all our reds, whites, sparklings, and fortified wines being organic, biodynamic, produced sustainably, or vegan. From grape to glass, winemaking is of the highest quality. The result is pure, vibrant wine with an unforgettable taste profile.

Tailored Selection for all Occasions


A typical Premium, or Deluxe Case could contain a sparkling wine, two whites and three red labels and the contents change according to the season. Over the summer you might find a refreshing rosé wine in your case and in the approach to Christmas, a bottle of festive port.


Sommelier Natalie also carefully curates your selection to suit all occasions. Your shipment covers wines for all events so could include a fresh aperitif, a light everyday wine, or the perfect wine for your dinner party.


You can also tailor your selection to include all reds or whites, a mix, or any combination that suits your tastes and upcoming occasions. You simply indicate your choice at checkout or, for an even more personal touch, contact Natalie ( with details about your preferences and we’ll do our best to meet your wishes.


The enjoyment of a variety of wines is the raison d’être of our wine club and we always strive to deliver an exciting selection!