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The Great Wine Experience

The Great Wine Experience is the brainchild of Sommelier and wine lover Natalie Noryd. Her prime objective is to share her passion for wine and to inspire others to experience the tantalizing universe of wine.

With her background in the arts, both as a professional modern dancer and as a painter, Natalie’s approach to wine tasting is always from a sensory perspective. The heart of the wine tasting is always the personal experience itself – to be able to describe and express our experience is essential to get the full benefit of what is poured into your glass. Wine is so much more than a beverage made from fermented grape juice. Wine draws on culture, history, geography, geology and philosophy. The ultimate wine experience is an artistic experience.


When Natalie selects her wines, the quality of the wine and the good narrative is of great importance. She has a penchant for the small winemakers who interact with nature and with as little intervention in the vineyard as possible. However her repertoire is broad and where there is always something for everyone. Occasionally, larger more conventional wine makers are also represented.

Under the expert guidance of sommelier Natalie Noryd the exquisite wine tastings take us on an exploration through the wonderful world of wine. The wines are always top class, handpicked from small vineyards where the craft and quality is of the essence. A wine tasting with The Great Wine Experience is always a sensory, fun and informative journey where guests enjoy good wine whilst extending their knowledge on the infinite wine universe.


See more on The Great Wine Experiences wine tastings here.


We are delighted to also offer a personal exclusive wine bar. Here you can create a sensory experience for your company, your private party or family event. It is an exclusive tailor-made wine bar experience with live music (optional) and with an experienced sommelier as your host. You and your guests will be introduced to the world of wine, experiencing anything from simple flavors to the intricate, daring flavors. The live music is often jazz – contributing in creating the perfect atmosphere for your event.


All toward giving you a great wine experience.


Sommelier Natalie Noryd


+45 50 12 83 81

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    A few kind words from some happy clients

    We held tasting for 144 people with The Great Wine Experience where Natalie embraced our idea of introducing 6 types of bubbles paired with 6 different gourmet cakes delivering many interesting sensory experiences. Natalie taught us the techniques behind sparkling wines and we especially learned about various grades of sweetness in the different types. Natalie is incredibly down to earth, sweet and well prepared and an expert within her area, so we will clearly recommend a wine tasting with Natalie.

    Nykredit Københavns Vinklub d. 18. september 2019

    Always a great experience to join a wine tasting with Natalie. You are sure to get a great variety of quality wines and a competent and enthusiastic delivery of the properties of the wine. Natalie always selects finds from quality producers and in her fine, charming and relaxed way she makes me feel like I would be Sommelier for a while. She is good at matching wines and food and not least making us curious about wines we would not necessarily know. I look forward to the next tastings. The very best recommendation from here.


    Judi Olsen

    Great tastings of fantastic wines, always with an interesting theme and new, innovative vineyards and interested insight into production and terroir – this really frames the perfect evening with friends and great, great wine – I am a fan!

    Mette Morthorst